The 100 Season 4 trailer is almost ready!

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The 100 Season 4 premiere is on the horizon, but before the series officially returns to our screens fans will get a little taste of what's in store with a trailer - which isn't too far off according to writer Aaron Ginsburg

Each passing day brings us closer and closer to the return of The 100 and we can't wait to see how Clarke, Bellamy and the rest of the gang manage to save the world this time - because let's be real, they're going to survive the nuclear apocalypse (unless The 100 gets cancelled and Season 4 is its last). Last season ended with A.L.I.E.'s defeat, but not before she told Clarke about the melting nuclear power plants that will completely destroy the Earth within six months time. So viewers can expect to see Clarke on a mission to not only save her Sky Crew, but the entire human race as well. The upcoming season of The 100 will feature Roan, who is now King of the Ice Nation, and Luna, who might possibly be the new Grounder Commander if she somehow has an extreme change of heart. Season 4 will also introduce two new Grounder clans - Glowing Forest and Shallow Valley, which is very exciting indeed!

Now that we know when The 100 Season 4 is airing (its premiere is February 1, 2017 just in case you missed the big news), fans have turned their attention to the trailer for the upcoming season. The 100 trailers are known to be action-packed, without giving too much of the storyline away - just enough to tease us and sometimes keep us up at night. If you, like us, are (im)patiently waiting to see new footage, then you need not wait long because the Season 4 trailer is almost ready.

When a fan on Twitter asked The 100 writer Aaron Ginsburg to give us a "poster, teaser, trailer, anything..," Ginsburg responded with a vital piece of info. He revealed that the trailer is currently being scored by composer Tree Adams. Which means... the trailer is, for the most part, complete and should be released shortly. Despite not being the trailer, nor a teaser or promo image, this piece of information is the next best thing and keeps us on the lookout for the highly-anticipated Season 4 promo. Are you excited to see the trailer for The 100 Season 4?

Source: Twitter: @DrLawyercop, @ranvells