The 100 Season 4 trailer is here and it was well worth the wait

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The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived! At long last, The 100 Season 4 trailer has been released and it is full of glimpses at the goodness to come in February

With The 100 Season 4 premiere date fast approaching fans have been waiting for the Season 4 trailer for what seems like an eternity, but now it's finally here and is just as action-packed as we were expecting. The trailer begins with A.L.I.E.'s voice, which says, "The end is coming." She declares that the melting nuclear power plants will cause 96% of the Earth to become uninhabitable. First there will be black rain, rendering the water undrinkable, pre-cancerous legions that look absolutely horrible will form all over people's faces and bodies, and death will be inevitable. But this warning didn't stop Clarke from destroying the A.I. With the Earth coming to an end the logical thing would be for everyone to get along and work together to find a way to survive. But then that would be boring, wouldn't it? Therefore viewers can expect to see fighting, especially between the Sky Crew and Ice Nation. Check out The 100 Season 4 trailer below.

Monty calls Clarke out for doing bad things and using "her people" to justify it. Raven and a group of people are seen running through the forest while getting shot at. Since Grounders don't use guns, and because of the heat/motion detector thing following them we think that it's a remnant of A.L.I.E. that they're running from. Meanwhile Octavia will go on quite a journey this season. She's seen fighting a Grounder with a painted face, who we think is Echo. Octavia has become an assassin and is being called "the Sky Ripper; death from above," which Indra seems very proud to hear. People are seen going to the Ark, which could possibly be a safe haven to "ride out the radiation," as Raven puts it due to all the radiation the Ark has already been exposed to.

Luna is back, but unfortunately it looks like the effects of the radiation have already taken a toll on her. Then there's Roan, who is now King of the Ice Nation. Echo declares that she can help him do what his mother nor Ontari never could - rule everything. A new character is seen putting the Flame to her forehead, does this mean there will be a new Heda in Season 4? There's a moment in the trailer that Bellarke shippers are rejoicing over, but we don't think a romantic relationship will happen between them this season, Clarke will be too focused on saving the world. The promo ends with Clarke covered in the cancerous legions, but we know that it isn't real. This must be a dream sequence; there's no way the producers would give that away if it was for real. What did you think of the Season 4 trailer? Was it worth the wait?

Source: YouTube: @The CW Television Network