The 100 Season 4 trailer will be released December 15!

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We have some wonderful, amazing, superb news for all you fans of The 100: the Season 4 trailer drops tomorrow, December 15, so be on the lookout!

The 100 fans are some of the most passionate fans out there, and they are eagerly awaiting the return of The CW's hit post-apocalyptic series. Now that The 100 Season 4's premiere date has been revealed to be February 1st, fans have been demanding the trailer for the upcoming season. Viewers can expect the promo to be super action-packed without giving too much away, which is exactly how we like it. The 100 writers have been questioned daily from fans (im)patiently waiting for the trailer to drop, and those who work for the hit CW series have hinted that it's close. Writer and producer Aaron Ginsburg revealed just last week that The 100 Season 4 trailer was with composure Tree Adams. Well it looks like the trailer is finally finished because it will arrive tomorrow!

That's right folks, the day we've all been waiting for is nearly here. Just one sleep until we get to see new footage of Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and the rest of the gang. We anticipate fighting, because what is The 100 without violence and conflict? But this season will be different in that the threat is not a group of people or an evil A.I., oh no, it's something much bigger than that - the Earth itself. Season 3 ended with Clarke defeating A.L.I.E., but not before the A.I. revealed that melting nuclear power plants will render the Earth uninhabitable within six months time. At first we weren't sure if this was just a ploy for A.L.I.E. to save herself, but showrunner Jason Rothenberg has confirmed that it is indeed true, which means that the Sky Crew and Grounders will need to put their differences aside and work together to find a way to survive. We cannot wait to see how the trailer teases this! Are you excited for The 100 Season 4 trailer?

Source: Twitter: @The100writers