The 100, this Season 4 filming location hints at the return of the Boat People

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Fans of The 100 have quite a while to wait until we see Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia back in action, and it looks like their quest to save the world in Season 4 will take them to the sea

Like the last season, The 100 Season 4 will premiere in early 2017, as opposed to The CW's other series that mostly kick-off in October. Therefore, there hasn't been much news about our favorite post-apocalyptic drama. We have no concrete evidence regarding Season 4's premiere, but the writers often post photos on Twitter, and a recent tweet from The 100 Writers Room seemingly teased February 17 as the premiere date. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg has revealed that things will pick up moments from where Season 3 left off, right after Clarke destroyed A.L.I.E., but learned that there's an impending apocalypse that not even the Sky People will be able to survive. So we expect to see the Arkers and Grounders alike work together to try to stop a seemingly unbeatable foe; aka Mother Earth. The 100 Season 4's premiere is rumoured to be titled "Echos," which could possibly refer to the melting nuclear power plants.

Jarod Joseph, who plays Nathan Miller, recently shared a photo on Twitter of a peaceful-looking lake with some mountains in the background. It's not just a pretty sunset photo, what's relevant about it is the fact that they shot a Season 4 scene there. Upon seeing the water we can't help but think about the Boat People. The lake is reminiscent of the spot where Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper were picked up by the Boat People and then taken to their home out in the middle of the water. It's been confirmed that Nadia Hilker will reprise her role as Luna, so its entirely possible that we'll see the Boat People again as well. Perhaps they know something that can help stop the apocalypse, or Clarke simply wants to warn them since she is intent on saving everyone, not just her Sky Crew. Do you think we'll see more of the Boat People in Season 4?

Source: Twitter: @JarodJoseph