The 100 writer Aaron Ginsburg teases some exciting Season 4 news coming soon!

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We still have months and months to wait until The 100 Season 4 premieres, however fans can expect some exciting news about the upcoming season to be revealed any day now!

News about The 100's fourth season is far and few between since we've still got quite a while to wait until Clarke and the gang return to our screens in early 2017. The hit CW show will commence mid-season so it looks like we just have to sit tight and wait for more information. According to The 100 writer Aaron Ginsburg, fans don't have to wait that long to learn something about the highly-anticipated Season 4. His tweet is quite vague, but here at melty we have an inkling that Ginsburg is teasing an announcement of the premiere date seeing as it's a bit too soon for a trailer to be released. That's not to say that we wouldn't love to see new Season 4 footage in any way, shape or form. Perhaps The 100 team will go the extra mile a release a little teaser that also announces the premiere date! We can dream.

The 100 Season 4 will pick up moments from where the Season 3 finale left off, and the Arkers and Grounders alike will have to work together to survive the impending nuclear apocalypse. But first they'll have to get their bearings, seeing as many of them were under A.L.I.E.'s spell in the City of Light. One Grounder in particular, named Ilan, will feel especially guilty about the things he did under A.L.I.E.'s control. It's also been reported that Canadian actors Jana Mitsoula, Alex Pangburn and Joseph John Coleman have joined the Season 4 cast, though it's unknown who's playing an Arker and who's a Grounder.

We're extremely excited to see Season 3 newbies Zach McGowan and Nadia Hilker back in action as Roan and Luna respectively. The return of Luna along with a filming location picture leads us to believe that we'll see more of the Boat People in Season 4 as well. Perhaps Clarke will return to them in search of knowledge or help, or to even just warn them about the melting nuclear plants. What do you think is the exciting news that Aaron Ginsburg is teasing us with?

Source: Twitter: @DrLawyercop