The Flash Season 3: Kevin Smith's episode will have "more action-y stuff" than his last one

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We've known for awhile now that Kevin Smith will be returning to direct an episode of The Flash Season 3, but now he's spoken out about what to expect from his latest work on the show.

The Flash Season 3's premiere promo photos look awesome, but that isn't the only awesome thing we've heard about The Flash this week. Kevin Smith graced us with his presence on the second season of The Flash, directing the episode "The Runaway Dinosaur", and now Kevin Smith has been speaking about the episode he worked on this season, which is reportedly Episode 7. In a tweet, Smith wrote: "Just read the script to the episode of @CW_TheFlash I start working on next week and... I LOVE IT! Lots more action-y stuff than my last ep." So what sort of content could he be tackling in the episode? The Flashpoint arc will likely have concluded by that point and the series would be fast approaching the mid-season break, so could Smith's episode involve the season's Big Bad?

The Flash Season 2: Episode 7 was titled "Gorilla Warfare" so it is possible that Smith could be directing an episode revolving around Gorilla City, but we doubt it. After all, The Flash writers have no obligation to write every Episode 7 around Grodd, and Gorilla City will likely be a two-parter that keeps the same director, so it's highly unlikely that Smith will be directing that particular story. It looked like Savitar was teased in a new promo video for The Flash Season 3 so Smith's episode could see the two of them face off, or we could see Zoom return as Black Flash for an action-packed episode, though honestly we could speculate anything at this point and still be no closer to the truth! For regular updates on The Flash Season 3, click the green subscribe button below. Are you looking forward to Kevin Smith's episode?

Source: Twitter: @ThatKevinSmith