The Flash Season 3, was Savitar teased in the new promo video?

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The Flash Season 3's new promo video offers us a very brief glimpse at who we think to be Savitar. Check the video out below.

The Flash Season 3 is so close now. The CW's hit superhero TV show will be back on October 4th, and the whole season will be on Netflix only 8 days after the finale airs. That's progress for you. Season 2 left us teetering on the edge of a very big cliff. Because of Barry's actions, we'll get to see the show tackle the incredible Flashpoint story arc from the comics. However, they won't be able to incorporate Thomas Wayne's Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and all the other heroes that turn up in the comics. Yet, The CW's going to using quite a few interesting characters we haven't seen before in the series, including Savitar, who you can spot in the new promo video for Season 3. Check it out below (via Television Promos' YouTube page).

Even though Greg Berlanti took to Twitter to remind people that they have not yet cast Savitar, the cloaked figure surrounded by followers can really only be the evil speedster. Savitar is one of The Flash's oldest foes from the comics. He started off life as a pretty decent guy. He was a pilot during the Cold War, but was granted speedster powers when a supersonic fighter jet he was testing got struck by lightning. He then became obsessed with developing his abilities, adopted the name of the Hindu God of motion, Savitar, and turned bad. He devoted his time to studying his powers and pushing himself to the absolute limit.

Savitar developed some cool new powers: he can make other objects move fast, can heal himself instantly and can even make a force field to protect himself. However, unlike Barry, he was never able to access the Speed Force. Over time Savitar gained a group of loyal followers and they quickly became a cult. In the promo video you see a brief glimpse of a cloaked figure kneeling in front of some sort of alter, who we believe to be Savitar. Writer Todd Helbing already revealed that the speedster will be in Season 3, so the guy in this promo video who's surrounded by other kneeling cloaked individuals must be Savitar. Who else could he be? How do you think Savitar will feature in Season 3?

Source: The CW / YouTube: @Television Promos