The Grey's Anatomy mid-Season 13 premiere will see Arizona head to prison!

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Alex's fate hangs in the balance, and we're hoping and praying that he doesn't end up in the slammer. We do know, however, that Arizona will definitely be heading to prison in the Grey's Anatomy mid-season premiere

The mid-Season 13 finale of Grey's Anatomy left Alex's fate up in the air, and we're dying to find out what happens to him. Jo was summoned to testify in Alex's hearing, which means her husband could potentially find her after she takes the stand. Jo came clean to Alex about her secret identity and marriage, which is why she repeatedly refused his proposals, and she told him that if she disappeared after the trial it's not because of him. This talk stirred some feelings in Alex, who decided to agree to a plea deal so that Jo wouldn't have to testify in court. Meredith tried to dissuade Alex from taking the plea bargain, and we still don't know whether she got through to him or not. Regardless of the outcome for Alex, viewers can expect to see a few of the other doctors head to prison in the mid-season premiere.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 returns January 19, and Arizona will find herself heading to prison! Speaking to TV Guide, Jessica Capshaw revealed, "Arizona's been called in on a case at a maximum security prison for an inmate who can't go to a regular hospital because she's that dangerous." But it's not your average away game for Arizona, who brings along Bailey and Jo to help. Capshaw continued, "After the longest day of all of their lives, they all go to a maximum security prison, where they are meant to do something that seems like a pretty simple procedure. It's truly kind of creepy at the same time as it's super provocative and exciting." It sounds like fans are going to see a Grey's Anatomy/Orange Is The New Black mash-up in the mid-Season 13 premiere. Capshaw even revealed that the episode's table read left her feeling "super terrified," which makes us simultaneously worried and excited to see what goes down. What do you think Arizona will encounter in the prison?

Source: TV Guide