The Top 10 TV moments to expect in 2016 (Part 1)!

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While a shocking Game of Thrones death will be put to rest in the new year, a new Walking Dead baddie will be brought to life. Here's why Jon Snow ain't the only thing you need to look out for and the other top 10 TV moments to expect in 2016!

Negan Lives

Ain't it always the case of "keep your enemies closer." While the midseason finale of The Walking Dead left Rick and the remaining survivors wading through a sea of walkers, the real reveal came with the Season 6: Episode 8 post credits, which teased Negan, the ultravillain of the comics who has yet to appear on the AMC spinoff. With anticipation mounting even before the midseason sendoff, "Negan Lives" easily ranks as one of the top 10 TV moments to come in 2016.

The return of Agents Mulder and Scully

The mythology of The X-Files has been fomenting in the TV underground since the cult favourite ended its nine-year run back in 2002. But the nineties detective thriller has espoused a strange sticking power. So much so that the show is now set for a mini-series comeback with the original cast and show creator Chris Carter. With a January 24 premiere date, Agents Mulder and Scully promise to use the old mythology to take on the contemporary surveillance state. Might we see some of the old sparks fly as well?

Clarke comes back to the fold

The 100 ended its Season 2 run with a bloody massacre that decimated the Mountain Men, put the Sky People in a precarious situation with Lexa and forced Clarke to abandon her people. But the new Season 3 trailer has revealed that Clarke's grand return back into the fold will be met with agony and confusion as both groups come to terms with the sacrifices they've made for their mutual survival. The sexual tension with Lexa aside, Clarke is increasingly proving herself an army of one - and with the Season 3 premiere on January 21 just over the horizon, she's definitely more than just "no one."

Camila sends shockwaves across the Empire

If you tuned into the midseason finale of Empire (and who didn't?!) you might have recognized a certain Camila, the English accented villainess (because no one trusts the Bri'ish) who was unceremoniously booted off of Empire in Season 1 and sent packing back to the land of zebra crossings and Winton Churchills. Well now she's back and ready to cause all kinds of malficence. That should make for great viewing in 2016 - that is, if you're named anything besides Lucious and Cookie Lyon.

Prison Break returns

Michael and Dominic are back and still on the underside of the other side of the law. After nearly seven years off the air, the cultural phenomenon of Prison Break is coming back to Fox in 2016. With a few character twists and timeline updates, Michael Scofield will be shown to have survived his death back in the original series finale and, back with Burrows, the two will be spanning the globe to outpace the government officials on their tail. Now if that ain't enough to keep you home on a Friday night...

The Top 10 TV moments of 2016 continue! What are you looking forward to the most in 2016?

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