The Vampire Diaries cast plays 'Five Lies and a Truth' to tease Season 8

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Fans of The Vampire Diaries are eagerly awaiting to see what the characters get up to (besides saving Damon and Enzo) in the final season. And now the cast has teased some potential spoilers

We are anxiously awaiting The Vampire Diaries Season 8 premiere, which is soooo close! But it's definitely a bittersweet feeling since it marks the beginning of the end for The Vampire Diaries. We're excited to see the action return to Mystic Falls, but hopefully the town doesn't get completely destroyed. It's been through quite a lot during the past seven seasons. Season 8 will introduce a new Big Bad, which remains a mystery. However The Vampire Diaries premiere sneak peek unveiled what the vault villain wants and bit more info about what Damon and Enzo are up to. Enzo reveals that 'it' wants them to capture bad people and then lower the bodies into the water to be consumed. New character Sybil, played by Nathalie Kelley, has been described as "evil incarnate," so perhaps she gets her strength from feasting on the bodies of those who have done wrong. Season 8 remains mysterious, but the video below includes one spoiler... and five lies.

Our friends over at TV Guide played a little game called 'Five Lies and a Truth' with the cast of The Vampire Diaries. The first is: "A fan favourite couple will finally get together." Ian Somerhalder jokes that it's Damon and Enzo. Number two: "You will have to say goodbye to a major character this season." Three: "There will be not one, but two weddings." Four: "Alaric will be forever alone." Five: "Caroline will start a lifestyle blog." And last, but not least: "The whole gang will take a trip to New Orleans." Paul Wesley jokes that he hopes this last one is true, just because he wants to take a trip to The Big Easy.

The one fan favourite couple that many are hoping to see get back together is Delena. However TVD star Ian Somerhalder has stated that he doesn't think Damon and Elena should end up together. Switching gears, does that spoiler about two weddings confirm that Stefan and Caroline will get married? Now that Alaric is a father, he'll never be alone, he'll always have his daughters... unless something terrible happens to them this season. (*Knock on wood*) Seeing as it's the final season we think number two is the true statement, since there needs to be some shock and heartbreak at the end of the series. We're not saying that everyone should die, we just don't think it's likely that all of the characters will make it out alive. Which statement do you think is true?

Source: TV Guide