The Vampire Diaries, dark Damon is on a mission in the Season 8 premiere

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Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries seems to be focused on saving Damon and Enzo from the vault villain, but showrunner Julie Plec teases how this dark Damon differs from the one we've seen before

The Vampire Diaries' eighth and final season seeks to pay homage to the hit series' very first season by taking things back to Mystic Falls. The titles of Season 8's 16 episodes will be lines from Season 1, with the premiere, titled "Hello, Brother," kicking things off. Who could forget Damon's surprise entrance to Mystic Falls back when he used to be the show's resident bad boy. Despite Damon improving leaps and bounds throughout the seasons, dark Damon is back baby!

Speaking to TVLine, showrunner Julie Plec explained, "This dark turn is different [from previous ones] because of the reason why Damon is dark and how he feels about where he is in his life. This isn't the Damon who's in it for the thrill and the wicked perverse pleasure; he's doing this for a reason." However we don't think Damon's reasoning comes from his own free will. TVD Season 8 premiere photos show that Damon and Enzo are clearly acting as the vault villain's minions to carry out its nefarious plans.

Bonnie joined the search for Damon and Enzo in The Vampire Diaries Season 8 extended trailer, however Plec revealed, "[Bonnie]’s had a pretty unlucky run of trying to get her magic back in the time since we’ve seen her. She’s a bit at the point of giving up." Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline certainly have their work cut out for them to save Damon and Enzo. But on a happier note, Plec shared some great news about Stefan and Caroline, saying that the couple is "as strong as can be, considering what’s going on. They’re finding comfort and safety in each other.” The showrunner further elaborated that Caroline "has a relationship she values, but is also trying to be a respectful co-parent” and she's the only one of the vampires who has a real job. You go girl! What kind of mission do you think Damon and Enzo are on for the vault monster?

Source: TVLine