The Vampire Diaries: Julie Plec dishes on the final season and the series finale

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We are well into The Vampire Diaries' very last season, and showrunner Julie Plec has teased what's to come and on the series finale

So far, the eighth and final season of The Vampire Diaries has introduced Sybil as the new Big Bad. She is the vault monster who has taken control of Damon and Enzo, and she's able to do so because she's a siren. This means that Sybil can get inside their minds, alter their memories, and control them of course. Sybil's been messing with Damon's memories of Elena and ordered Damon to kill Bonnie to force Enzo to turn off his humanity switch. Bonnie's still alive, but unfortunately it doesn't look like the same can be said for Tyler Lockwood. In happier news Stefan and Caroline got engaged! Caroline and Bonnie started planning the June wedding, before Damon came and ruined their dress shopping.

Speaking about the final season to ET, showrunner Julie Plec all but confirmed that Nina Dobrev will reprise her role as Elena in TVD Season 8. It all just comes down to working out the scheduling issues. Until that's sorted out Elena will be involved through the diary aspect, with her friends writing about what's going on in a diary for her to read when she wakes up. She's also been appearing in Damon's memories that Sybil has been replacing. "Damon's memories of her play a big part of the season," said the showrunner.

Fans can also expect a few familiar faces to return for one last hurrah. We've already seen Tyler, and Matt Donovan will return in Episode 4! With The Vampire Diaries and The Originals on different time-lines, it doesn't look like there will be any cameos from the Mikaelson clan. Although Plec hinted that TVD's final episode could have some time-shifting, so never say never! Plec also teased that The Vampire Diaries will come to an end with a mixture of both happy and sad endings. How would you like to see The Vampire Diaries end?

Source: ET Online