The Vampire Diaries mid-Season 8 finale to reveal the Donovan family history in Mystic Falls

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There's only one episode left before The Vampire Diaries goes on winter hiatus, and the mid-season finale also serves as the Christmas installment! Read on to see what Candice King previewed about the episode

The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries saw Seline kidnap Alaric and Caroline's daughters to offer up to Cade in the hopes that it will set her free. Sybil and Damon join in on the mission, but come up with a plan of their own. After Seline uses Josie and Lizzie to summon Kade up from hell, Sybil reveals that she has a better offer than the two little siphoners. Instead of Alaric's daughters, Damon and Stefan will take Sybil and Seline's place in serving Cade. Surprisingly this was all Damon's idea (a way for him to escape an eternity in hell) and Stefan agrees to it in order to save Caroline's girls. Alaric is unaware of the part Damon played in saving Josie and Lizzie, and takes out his anger on his old friend, killing Damon in the process. However The Vampire Diaries Episode 7 trailer reveals that Damon is still alive and Stefan ends up dead - seemingly at the hands of his brother.

Episode 7 will see Stefan and Caroline try to celebrate Christmas and enjoy their last day together before Stefan becomes Cade's minion. But we all know that Damon and Sybil are going to show up and ruin things. Caroline actress Candice King recently teased the mid-Season 8 finale. Speaking to TVLine she shared, “Basically, you’re going to get a lot of answers to questions you’ve had for a while, and we, of course, pose more questions. You’ll learn a lot about Matt’s dad, and the history of [the Donovan] family in Mystic Falls. You’ll also see Damon and Stefan, and what happens next for them.”

Matt and his father are present at the Christmas dinner in the Episode 7 trailer and Matt actor Zach Roerig has previously teased a supernatural Donovan family history, so we are excited to learn more about that. King also revealed, “When we come back in January, there’s going to be a time jump. Not another three-year one, but it’s a time jump.” And apparently things are pretty bleak in this new time-jump storyline. Are you excited for the mid-Season 8 finale?

Source: TVLine