The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley dishes on Steroline's Season 8 storyline

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The Vampire Diaries has finally returned to The CW and since it's the last season many Steroline fans are curious to see what Season 8 has in store for the couple and if they'll end up together

Things are going quite well for Stefan and Caroline at the start of Season 8, aside from not having much luck in finding Damon and Enzo. Caroline and Alaric seem to be co-parenting quite amicably and the premiere even sees Alaric give Caroline the go-ahead to move in with Stefan, while he moves into her house to be closer to his daughters. Speaking to TVLine Paul Wesley shared, "I think that Stefan and Caroline start off pretty strongly, and then it sort of spins out of control and it can get dark for a second. The ultimate thing is, 'Will they end up together?' And that I actually don't know."

Wesley went on to say that he hopes Stefan and Caroline's story will end on an organic note with whatever makes the most sense, as opposed to what he or the fans want. Steroline shippers are hoping to see the couple get married, however we know that Sybil will take a particular interest in Stefan and this will certainly complicate his relationship with Caroline. The Vampire Diaries Episode 2 trailer sees Sybil coming out to play and we know that this cannot be good.

As for Caroline's daughters, Wesley joked, "I think [Stefan]'s kind of like the weird step-dad and he wants to be a good figure to them, but he's absolutely not related to them in any degree and has no real say because they're Alaric's children. So it is a very awkward situation." The actor remained coy when asked about Elena's possible return, while explaining, "I think it's one of those things where we have to reference her, because the hope is that Elena comes back in Season 8, in the finale or to some degree."

Wesley continued, "If we reference her and she comes back to some degree, even if it's just for a scene, I think think the payoff will be better. So she is referenced a fair amount still." TVD showrunner Julie Plec has recently revealed that Nina Dobrev 100% wants to reprise her role as Elena Gilbert one last time, but it all comes down to scheduling. Until then the characters will keep Elena's spirit alive by writing to her in a diary that will fill her in on everything she's missed while under the sleeping curse. Do you hope to see Elena return, and Stefan and Caroline end up together?

Source: TVLine