The Vampire Diaries: Sarah Salvatore to return in Season 8

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A Salvatore family reunion is in store for Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, with Tristin Mays reprising her role as Sarah Salvatore. Read on for more details

The Vampire Diaries cast and crew are gearing up to start production on the series' final season. Kristen Gutoskie, who starred in TVD showrunner Julie Plec's drama series Containment, is moving over to Mystic Falls to portray Seline. We believe that Seline will be Alaric's daughters' nanny, which means she might turn into a love interest for Alaric. Allison Scagliotti is playing Georgie, an occult research intern who will most likely be working with Alaric. Another possible love interest? Rounding out the newbies is Nathalie Kelley as Sybil, aka "evil herself." Sybil is described as a powerful immortal who likes to control people and manipulate them into twisted games. The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Sizzle Reel seemingly confirms Sybil as the vault monster, but we have to wait until October to know for sure.

In addition to the newbies a familiar face is returning. Stefan and Damon's great-great niece, Sarah Salvatore - played by Tristin Mays, is set to appear in Season 8. Sarah was introduced in Season 6 and had a very interesting relationship with Enzo. At first she was just a pawn in his twisted game to mess with Stefan, who had kept Sarah's identity a secret from Damon. But things took a serious turn when Caroline turned off her humanity and compelled a medical student to cut out Sarah's heart.

Luckily she was saved by Elena (who we're all hoping returns in Season 8 as well. Bonnie actress Kat Graham recently spoke about the possibility of Nina Dobrev reprising her role as Elena in TVD's final season.) The last time we saw Sarah was when Enzo instructed her to leave town, but let her keep her memories of what she learned about vampires. At least four years have passed on the show since Sarah left town, so we're very curious to see what brings her back to Mystic Falls. Are you excited to see Sarah Salvatore appear in Season 8?

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