The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 2 trailer, Sybil has come out to play

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After months of waiting The Vampire Diaries is back in action and there's a new villain on the loose in Episode 2! Check out the trailer for "Today Will Be Different" below

The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived, as The Vampire Diaries returned to our screens for its last premiere ever. Ahead of Season 8's debut, TVD showrunner Julie Plec took fans Inside Episode 1, explaining that the dark Damon that we see in "Hello Brother" is being controlled by someone else and is not the same bad boy Damon who uttered those words to Stefan in the show's pilot episode. Thanks to a sneak peek of TVD Season 8 we learned that the vault villain had ordered Damon and Enzo to bring it bad people. The premiere sees them carrying out their mission, however Enzo is still resistant. He even manages to leave a string of clues that leads Bonnie and Stefan to their lair. Bonnie and Stefan were unable to save Damon and Enzo, but thanks to Enzo's clues that link back to The Odyssey, it looks like Bonnie has discovered that the vault monster is a siren. The episode ended with Nathalie Kelley's Sybil rising up from the bloody water of the lair.

The Episode 2 trailer begins with Damon lounging on a chair with a cocktail nearby, but Sybil tells him, "Get up sleepy head. It's time for fun." We then see Sybil push an unknown man in a suit down into the water of a pool. Is this guy her next victim/meal? Bonnie will reunite with Enzo once again, and she asks what the vault monster wants with him. Enzo replies, "Loyal soldiers to keep bringing her supper." It's clear that Enzo is trying to break free from Sybil's control, and despite Damon turning his humanity switch off, it looks like he may try to regain his control too. We hear Sybil ask, "Where does your subconscious go when you're trying to resist me." Now she could be talking to Enzo, however the trailer makes it seem like she's speaking to Damon instead, especially as we see Sybil interrupt one of Damon's memories with Elena. Do you think Damon will try to get his freedom back? And what do you think about TVD's new villain Sybil?

Source: YouTube: @Television Promos