The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 3 sneak peek, Alaric and Georgie research an ancient artifact

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Fans of The Vampire Diaries will soon learn more about Sybil in Episode 3 ("You Decided That I Was Worth Saving"), and it looks like Alaric may have found a tool to stop her

Caroline and Bonnie start planning the highly-anticipated June wedding in The Vampire Diaries Episode 3 trailer, which is super exciting, especially for Steroline shippers. However we're not sure if the couple will make it down the aisle with Sybil controlling Damon and Enzo. TVD spoiler photos for "You Decided That I Was Worth Saving" even tease that Sybil somehow manages to get into Stefan's head and turn him against Caroline. But Alaric may have found something that can stop Sybil in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries.

In Episode 2 Georgie revealed to Alaric that she briefly died and went to hell after getting in a car accident. In hell she saw a symbol, and after she was brought back to life by the paramedics Georgie decided to get a tattoo of the symbol, naturally. This same symbol appears on one of the ancient artifacts that Alaric and Georgie found in the vault's secret treasure trove. The two investigate this mysterious artifact in the Episode 3 sneak peek below.

The clip starts with Georgie holding the ancient artifact as she tells Alaric, "There's nothing in the historical records about a weapon like this." However she has a theory! Georgie goes on to say, "Assuming that the symbol etched into it has a connection to hell, what's the first thing you think of when you think of hell?" The answer is the devil. Georgie then asks what the most common visual representation of the devil is. Alaric answers, "A man in a red suit, pointy tail, with a pitchfork." A pitchfork is exactly what the artifact looks like.

Alaric then wonders why the artifact only has two tines instead of three if it's meant to be a pitchfork. But Georgie explains that in 2200 BC when it was forged, the soil around the Mediterranean was rocky, therefore pitchforks only had two tines. Alaric wants to know more about the artifact's connection to sirens or how they would use it, but Georgie questions why Alaric would ever want to use it. Of course Alaric can't tell Georgie about Damon and Enzo being under the spell of a siren, but Alaric maintains that the research is for a book he's writing, and more importantly tenure. Do you think this artifact could be used to save Damon and Enzo?

Source: YouTube: @Television Promos