The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 3 trailer, a June wedding is happening!

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Stefan made Caroline (and Steroline shippers) very happy in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries by proposing to Caroline, and now in Episode 3 it's time to start planning that highly-anticipated June wedding!

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2 trailer showed that Sybil has come out to play, and she is not one to be messed with. Sybil got into Damon's mind and replaced his memory of meeting Elena by introducing herself instead. Now it seems like Damon is completely under the siren's control. As for Enzo he tried extremely hard not to think about Bonnie too much, but after their reunion in Episode 2 Sybil was able to get into Enzo's head and see his time with Bonnie and how much she means to him.

Meanwhile Steroline fans the world over rejoiced at the end of The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 2 when Stefan proposed to Caroline. The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley recently previewed Stefan and Caroline's Season 8 storyline, but we were not expecting a move this big so soon. Upon hearing that TVD's very last season would pay homage to Season 1, Steroline shippers were hoping and praying that Season 8 would include a June wedding, and it looks like they've gotten their wish.

The trailer sees Caroline and Bonnie celebrating Caroline's engagement by popping some champagne. Bonnie toasts, "To planning your June wedding," and Caroline responds, "Yes! The June wedding!" Caroline has changed exponentially from the high school girl we met in the pilot that joked about having a June wedding with Stefan mere hours after meeting him. We're ecstatic to see Stefan and Caroline finally in a good place, but are they moving too fast? It's only just the start of the season so we definitely expect something to go wrong for the couple any moment now. Enter Damon.

Damon has heard about Stefan and Caroline's plans to get married, and his version of an RSVP is interrupting Caroline's wedding dress shopping, grabbing her by the throat and throwing her across the room. Later on Caroline asks, "Do you think we can get away with not inviting Damon to the wedding?" Bonnie replies, "He's going to be your brother in law..." But things get even worse when Sybil orders Damon to kill Bonnie. Will Enzo be able to stop him? Enzo is seen unconscious in the trunk of a car, so we're not sure! And we think we got a glimpse of Tyler Lockwood in the trailer, although he doesn't seem to be much help as Damon drinks his blood. Do you think Damon will really follow through with Sybil's orders and kill Bonnie?

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