The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 4 trailer, Sybil has a sister!

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Sybil may be captured by the Armory once again, however she still has a hold on Damon who is up to no good in The Vampire Diaries Episode 4 trailer. Check out the video for "An Eternity of Misery" below

The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries saw Sybil set her sights on taking down Bonnie, since both Enzo and Damon have a connection to Bonnie that inhibits them from being the loyal soldiers she wants them to be. Caroline and Bonnie have gotten to work on planning the highly-anticipated June wedding in TVD Episode 3 trailer, but things go south when Sybil commands Damon to kill Bonnie. When that doesn't pan out how Sybil wanted, she forces Damon and Enzo to fight to the death to make Bonnie choose one of them, as previewed in The Vampire Diaries Episode 3 synopsis. At first Bonnie resists, but she eventually chooses to save Enzo, but this isn't the right choice according to Sybil, who views Damon as more of a loyal soldier than Enzo. So Sybil forces to Enzo to turn off his humanity switch. Alaric shows up with the ancient artifact and is able to use it to capture Sybil, however Damon is still under the siren's spell and seemingly kills Tyler Lockwood at the end of Episode 3.

The trailer for Episode 4, titled "An Eternity of Misery", begins with the image of two girls sleeping next to each other near a fire. Sybil then tells Stefan and Alaric, "There are two of us. My sister. Me in here, and her out there." Perhaps that's why there are two prongs on the mystical tuning device that Alaric's been studying and used to capture Sybil. We catch a glimpse of a girl getting dragged back on the ground and then into the air, but there is no one and nothing else around her. Could this be a flashback of what happened to Sybil's sister?

Stefan tells Sybil that all he cares about is saving his brother. Apparently he doesn't find the revelation that Sybil has a sister as interesting as we do. Sybil declares that Damon's fate is already sealed. "Damon believes in hell, we're just as doomed as he is," she says. We're not sure why Sybil seems scared as she says this, but it's probably all an act. The video ends with Stefan getting stabbed with a syringe in the back of the neck. Who do you think stabbed Stefan?

Source: YouTube: @Television Promos