The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 7 trailer, Damon lives!

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We've got some good news for you Damon fans out there, he's still alive! The Vampire Diaries Episode 7 trailer teases a Christmas-themed mid-season finale. Check it out below

The plot thickens on The Vampire Diaries, and we must say that we're loving the addition of the sirens. Damon has completely gone to the dark side, but he actually did one good deed in Episode 6. Damon can pretend all he wants that he is only agreeing to serve Cade to escape an eternity in hell, but we think that he was trying to save Alaric and Caroline's daughters as well. Little does Alaric know that Damon sacrificed both himself and Stefan, and in doing so saved Lizzie and Josie. However Alaric is out for blood after nearly losing his daughters and he takes it out on Damon, but goes a bit too far by killing him. We're expecting one of the main characters to die, seeing as it's the final season, but thankfully this isn't the end of Damon just yet! Stefan agreed to serve Cade alongside Damon, and his one condition is that he gets to spend one last day with Caroline. Based on the Episode 7 trailer, Christmas came early as Stefan and Caroline opt for a festive final day together.

The trailer begins with Stefan telling Caroline, "Today we are gonna do what people do on Christmas." And they're not even going to let Damon rising from the dead ruin it. Damon and Sybil crash the party, to Alaric's utter confusion. For some reason we don't think he mentioned killing Damon to the others. Surprisingly Caroline is being nice to Sybil, it looks like she's not going to let anything ruin her last day with Stefan. However Damon has a mission of his own, "Tonight one lucky little elf is going to get a one way trip straight to hell," he announces. As Sybil, Damon, Matt and his father are eating a Christmas meal together Caroline tells Damon, "You are not going to kill anyone else," but things go wrong as Stefan turns up dead. The trailer ends with Caroline saying, "Well Damon's alive, and Stefan's dead. Merry Christmas, I've got gifts," as she drinks wine straight from the bottle to help ease this dire situation. Do you think that Stefan is really dead?

Source: YouTube: @Television Promos