The Vampire Diaries Season 8: Episode 8 trailer, Damon and Stefan are up to no good

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The Vampire Diaries won't be back in action for another few weeks, but this Episode 8 trailer gives us a glimpse at Ripper Stefan and Damon as Cade's minions. Check it out below

The Vampire Diaries is currently on its mid-season hiatus, but will return to our screens before we know it on January 13. When we last saw them, Stefan and Caroline tried to celebrate Christmas like normal people and make the most of their last day together, but Damon went and killed his brother so that Stefan could spend some time with Cade. "Behind the veil," Cade revealed that he's had his eye on Stefan ever since he saw him in action as the Ripper. Stefan agreed to serve Cade and revert back to his Ripper ways, but only for a year, then both he and Damon will be free and will escape an eternity in hell. The mid-season finale ended with Stefan joining Damon and turning off his humanity to commence finding bad people to serve up to Cade. Check out the trailer for "We Have History Together" for a sneak peek of what's in store.

The Episode 8 trailer begins with Damon sitting around a circle during a support group meeting. He tells the others, "Hi, I'm Damon and I have anger issues." The group responds with the typical, "Hi Damon," but then the elder Salvatore brother starts feeding on one of the group members. Then we get to see Ripper Stefan, who is definitely up to something. As Damon and Stefan sit at a table together, Stefan reaches under the table, and then we see Stefan push his brother's head down as Damon seemingly passes out. Damon is later seen in a hospital room, as someone injects something into his IV drip. He begs, "Give me a chance to redeem myself." We then see that Sybil is still alive, despite Damon pulling her heart out of her chest and leaving her for dead on a park bench in TVD mid-Season 8 finale. Sybil tells Caroline that she's feeling a need to vent, and for once we agree with her. Are you excited to see Ripper Stefan in action?

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