The Vampire Diaries Season 8, here's the proof we've been waiting for that Nina Dobrev is returning!

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Oh happy day! The CW, nor the executive team behind The Vampire Diaries, have yet to announce that Nina Dobrev is officially returning to the show, however it seems like the cat's been let out of the bag

The CW President Mark Pedowitz recently revealed that "there are discussions going on with Nina [Dobrev]," makingit seem more and more likely that the actress would return for the eighth and final season of The Vampire Diaries. After showrunner Julie Plec's comments at this year's San Diego Comic-Con that Dobrev intended to come back to the show and bring her character's story full circle, fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting to find out if it's really happening. Season 8 will pay homage to the very first season and bring the storyline back to Mystic Falls, but it wouldn't be complete without Elena Gilbert.Bonnie actress Kat Graham recently teased that a huge death will take place midway through the season. We speculated that perhaps she was talking about her own character, but in light of some recent info (the photo below), it looks like Bonnie's death will come later on in the season.

Fans have been waiting and hoping and praying for a confirmation that Nina Dobrev will return one last time to The Vampire Diaries. And now you need not look further than the above photo. Nina Dobrev's IMDb page was recently updated and reveals that the actress will seemingly keep her promise to showrunner Julie Plec and return to reprise her role as Elena Gilbert. The evidence is "Episode #8.16 (2017) ... Elena Gilbert." (*Disclaimer* IMDb does occasionally make mistakes, so it's possible that this is just wishful thinking submitted by a visitor.)

Season 8 will only have 16 episodes, which means that Dobrev is returning for the series finale. Does this mean that Bonnie will die in the finale? For Elena to wake up from the sleeping curse that Kai put her under, Bonnie must die because their lives are linked. Seeing as this is the very last episode it seems like this will be the case, unless the writers decide to give us a bit of a happy ending by allowing besties Elena and Bonnie to see each other (alive) one last time. Are you excited to see Nina Dobrev back on The Vampire Diaries?

Source: IMDb