The Vampire Diaries Season 8's new trailer sees Damon feed Enzo to the vault monster!

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Each passing day brings us closer to the eighth and final season of The Vampire Diaries and we can't wait to see dark Damon and Enzo in action, but has Damon become so bad that he's willing to sacrifice Enzo?

The Vampire Diaries returns to our screens next week and fans have been treated to a new promo video to get us even more excited than we already were. The latest trailer for Season 8 recycles some footage that we've seen before, such as Damon stranding in the middle of the road in front of an oncoming car, as Bonnie says, "The search for Damon and Enzo goes on and on, and we're no closer to know where they are, or who, or what took them." As previously seen, Stefan encourages Bonnie not to give up hope of finding Damon and Enzo. Bonnie declares that she's in, no matter what they have to do to save them. We also see a bit more interaction between Stefan and Damon, which confirms that Stefan manages to find his brother. Stefan will most likely catch a glimpse of the horrible things his big bro has been up to, but showrunner Julie Plec has revealed that Stefan understands that Damon is under someone, or something else's control and it's not entirely his fault.

The trailer also includes interesting new info about the vault villain, whom Damon and Enzo seem to be feeding humans by lowering them down into a cage filled with bloody water. Damon is casually reading Fifty Shades of Grey, while Enzo yells into the water, "When does this end? How many more bodies until you're full?" Damon nonchalantly kicks Enzo's leg, causing him to fall into the water. Dark Damon then asks, "[Did you] get an answer?" The synopsis for TVD Season 8 premiere unveiled that Caroline and Alaric will have "a dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor," and it looks like that visitor is Virginia who tells Caroline, "It has come for them." Caroline has Virginia tied to a chair and asks her, "What is it?!" We believe that Virginia is trying to warn Caroline that the vault villain is after her daughters. Which would explain why hot nanny Seline's throat gets slit. What did you make of the latest Season 8 trailer?

Source: Twitter: @cwtvd