The Vampire Diaries Season 8's premiere will introduce another new character

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There's another new face joining the cast of The Vampire Diaries Season 8. Read on to find out more details about the latest addition, Georgie.

We're just days away from San Diego Comic-Con, and you know what that means: new information about The Vampire Diaries! To hold you over until then TVD writer, Brian Young, has spoken about what's in store for the characters in Season 8 and has also teased a couple tidbits about the new vault villain. It was clear that Damon and Enzo were under some sort of spell or trance in the final moments of TVD's Season 7 finale, and the mysterious vault monster who possessed them will certainly contribute a lot to the upcoming storyline.

This baddie is unlike any we've seen before on The Vampire Diaries, in that it is a CGI creature. With that creepy hand as our first introduction, we are extremely curious to see what the rest of it looks like, and discover its nefarious plans for Enzo and Damon. In other news Containment star Kristen Gutoskie has joined the Season 8 cast as Seline. While a new recurring character named Sybil, who has yet to be cast, will certainly shake things up on The Vampire Diaries. Sybil sounds a lot like the late, great Katherine Pierce, and here at melty we're pretty excited to see what she brings to the table.

TVLine's Michael Ausiello has some more casting news for TVD fans, revealing: "The Oct. 21 season premiere will introduce us to Georgie, an occult research intern with a few demons of her own. It sounds like she’ll use this field of study to grapple with her dark past, and while we don’t know which characters she’ll interact with the most, it’s safe to assume Alaric will factor in there somewhere."

It's speculation time! If we were to let our minds run wild, which we will, we would say that Georgie lives on the West Coast, where all the drama involving Damon, Enzo and those bodies they were hanging from the ceiling is going down. Georgie will be investigating the disappearances, however no one will believe her theory that it involves supernatural occurrences. It's been confirmed that Alaric will be around in Season 8 to help Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline track down Damon and Enzo, so perhaps Alaric will strike up a friendship (maybe even a romance?) with Georgie and teach her a thing or two about mystical creatures. How do you think Georgie will be involved in the upcoming season?

Source: TVLine