The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Sizzle Reel all but confirms Sybil as the vault monster

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There's a new character named Sybil joining the Season 8 cast of The Vampire Diaries, and it looks like the show's Sizzle Reel just confirmed our suspicions that she is the monster in the vault who has seized control of Damon and Enzo

There are a lot of new faces joining The Vampire Diaries cast for its last season. It was recently revealed that UnREAL alum Nathalie Kelley has signed on to play Sybil, aka "evil herself." Sybil has been described as "an immortal who uses her immeasurable power and influence to control other people, manipulating them into twisted games and tests for her own amusement and glorification." It's also been revealed that Sybil will take a particular interest in Stefan. Can't Steroline just get a break? Despite Sybil's meddling, we are confident that Stefan and Caroline are endgame and will indeed get that June wedding Caroline joked about in the series' pilot episode. The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will only have 16 episodes, however the overall theme of the final season is to pay homage to this first season and bring things full circle back to Mystic Falls.

The Vampire Diaries' Sizzle Reel is a blast from the past, as viewers are reminded of some prior baddies; including Katherine, Klaus, Rebekah, and Kai. Three out of those four characters were real pieces of work, but deep down just wanted to be loved - which is also something Sybil wants, according to TVLine. However Kai was just pure evil. Even so TVD writers are very good at making their characters, especially the villains, multidimensional, and the new vault monster seems to be no exception.

The video brings up the fact that this new big bad is unlike the others, in that it can get inside your head and make its victims do whatever it wants. Yes the Originals are able to compel other vampires, but this mysterious villain seems to have a lot more power. It's able to take control of your soul and uncover your darkest secrets, and literally feeds off of every terrible thing you do. The reel then tells fans to get ready to meet evil herself this season, followed by another look at the vault monster's hand. Since Sybil is being described as "evil herself" does this confirm that she is the baddie that's possessed Damon and Enzo? We sure think so! Do you think that Sybil is the vault villain?

Source: Twitter: @cwtvd, TVLine