The Vampire Diaries Season 8 starts off "hot and steamy" for Steroline

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With all that's gone wrong on The Vampire Diaries we're thrilled to hear that things pick up on a good note for Stefan and Caroline in Season 8. Although we shouldn't expect the happiness to last very long...

With the news that Season 8 will be The Vampire Diaries' last and showrunner Julie Plec's announcement that it will seek to pay homage to the first season, many fans are wondering if Stefan and Caroline are endgame. In the pilot episode Caroline joked that she and Stefan are having a June wedding. So since the storyline is coming full circle back to Mystic Falls, there are countless hopeful Steroline shippers waiting to see the couple get married sometime in the season.

However The Vampire Diaries won't be all sunshine and wedding bells; there will be death and destruction as well. Kat Graham has revealed that a major death will take place midway through Season 8, and some are worried that she might have been hinting at her own character's fate. Nina Dobrev is expected to reprise her role as Elena Gilbert for the finale season, and for Elena to wake up from her sleeping curse Bonnie needs to die first. Whether or not it's Bonnie who kicks the bucket halfway through the season we seemingly have the proof we've been waiting for that Dobrev will return - but not until the series' finale.

Zap2it asked Stefan actor Paul Wesley how Steroline is doing in Season 8, to which he replied: "Thus far good. We're only at Episode 1, it's the only thing I've read so far. And it's hot and steamy right from the get go." Oh la la! The other half of Steroline, Candice King shared: "I can say that they are together when we come back in Season 8. There are some trials and tribulations coming up that will test their relationship." More so than Caroline being pregnant with Alaric and Jo's babies, and Stefan getting chased by a ruthless vampire hunter?

King continued: "Everything is good in their world. Caroline is really trying to support Stefan in his search for Damon and bringing him back. So for Caroline it's really just about balancing that family life and her new love life, and a supernatural life." We know that Stefan and Caroline, along with Bonnie, will be focused on finding Damon and Enzo, but it's nice to hear that Steroline will have some time for love before those ominous "trials and tribulations." What kind of problems to you think Steroline will endure this season?

Source: Zap2it