The Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham reveals a major death will take place midway through Season 8

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The final season of The Vampire Diaries is sure to include some major deaths, but there's one coming sooner than we expected, warns Bonnie actress Kat Graham

Damon and Enzo have both always had a bit of a bad boy streak in the past and now that they've been touched by the hand of the evil vault monster they're badder than ever! (We're talking 'hanging countless bodies from the ceiling' bad.) Despite their horrific actions it's been revealed that Damon and Enzo will actually be aware of their actions while under the vault villain's control in The Vampire Diaries Season 8. However just being conscious of what's going on won't be enough to help the duo break free from the new Big Bad's spell. Enter Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline to save the day! Although, it's gonna be tough, especially since Bonnie lost her powers. So instead of just doing a locator spell to find Enzo and Damon, the gang has to do things old school. Luckily they have Alaric to help. But will they be able to save their friends from the mysterious vault monster and live to tell the tale?

At the Teen Choice Awards earlier this month, Kat Graham teased (via The Hollywood Reporter) "a big death coming up." The actress elaborated: “Not in the season premiere — but, you know, midway through, someone’s kickin’ the bucket.” We think that Graham might be hinting that her own character Bonnie could die in the middle of the season. Graham revealed that Season 8 would be her last months before it was officially announced as The Vampire Diaries' final season. With magic to be featured less in the upcoming season, Bonnie does have to die in order for her bestie Elena to wake up from the sleeping curse she's under. And with each passing day it seems more and more likely that Nina Dobrev will reprise her role as Elena on TVD. Who do you think will die in Season 8?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter