The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln dishes on how Robert Kirkman's comics will be used in Season 7

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It's just under a month until the world grinds to a halt in order to watch The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, but how will it compare to Robert Kirkman's original comic books? Andrew Lincoln has the answer.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres on October 23, and Andrew Lincoln has warned us that the first episode will turn his character Rick Grimes into a broken man, as Negan kills off one (or two) of the survivors. The Walking Dead was originally written by Robert Kirkman before being taken on and turned into one of the world's best television shows to date. Season 7 is set to take us further into the inner workings of Negan's Sanctuary, see the Hilltop in more detail, and introduce us to the Kingdom.

On how Kirkman created this post-apocalyptic world Lincoln spoke with Vulture and explained, "From the comic books, the thing I really liked is that the world expands and you meet all of these different communities. And each community is different, they're benevolent, they're oppressive but they're described by the leader, and how they set up their own philosophies and ideologies. That from the comic book is a really, really interesting landscape.

A recent teaser trailer for The Walking Dead Season 7 marked the beginning of Negan's reign, and we can't help but despair that the good people left in the post-apocalyptic world are greatly outnumbered by the evil. On the bigger question the show addressed, Lincoln mused, "It's like, can civilisation start again, and if so how and in what form?" Lincoln teased a little about how the series will follow the comics in Season 7, and from the looks of it, the television adaptation will be faithful to Kirkman's comics. Lincoln shared, "If we follow the comic book than there's a super bad-ass conflict between Negan and us, and I think that's certainly something that I think will trump anything we've attempted before in the show." We certainly cannot wait for the two to come head to head in Season 7, although he may not think it now, but it seems that Negan has met his match. Are you ready for The Walking Dead to change forever in Season 7?

Source: Vulture