The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln reveals Season 7 will see Rick as a "broken" man

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The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere will see the loss of at least one of Rick's crew, but how will he cope with life without his friends and a new leader in charge? Read on as Andrew Lincoln tells all.

The Walking Dead Season 7 is going to change the course of the series as we know it, as Negan will force Rick and the survivors to live under his control after killing at least one of them in the premiere episode. It's been six long, grueling months of keeping the secret as to which member of the gang will snuff it, and The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero recently revealed the lengths the cast and crew have gone to in order to protect Season 7's big reveal. This episode will no doubt see some the survivors lose faith in Rick, and all of them bereft with grief. On how Season 7 will change Rick, Andrew Lincoln spoke with Entertainment Weekly and revealed: “As the season [6] finished, the story was about Rick being broken, and realising that basically everything that he thought has been turned upside down in the space pretty of much of a day. The world that he fought and strove for for so long has irrevocably changed.”

Lincoln of course, is not the only one among his cast members on The Walking Dead who is preparing themself for the tough road ahead in Season 7. Speaking on behalf of Norman Reedus who plays the beloved Daryl on the show, Lincoln said: “Norman put it very eloquently. He said, ‘You know, somebody’s going to lose their job at the end of that.’ It’s a big deal, man. It’s a big deal. It’s a family on set.” Reedus has previously warned fans that the Season 7 premiere will completely break the group apart, but in spite of that, it seems to be giving way to a post-apocalyptic story which is becoming more epic than ever before. On how Rick will adapt to this new world, Lincoln shared: “We’re heading towards a bigger end point.” The question is, will they still be the same when they get there? Do you think Rick will be able to win back the survivor's faith by the end of the season?

Source: Entertainment Weekly