The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus dishes on Daryl's heart-breaking scenes in "The Cell"

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As if The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere wasn't heartbreaking enough, Episode 3 was a Daryl-centric episode that was quite depressing. Check out what Norman Reedus had to say about "The Cell" below

The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3 was entirely focused on Daryl, who's held captive in the Sanctuary while Negan tries to break him down. Speaking about the torture Daryl endured in "The Cell" - having to listen to that annoying song on repeat, being fed dog food sandwiches and being shown a photo of Glenn's remains, Norman Reedus told The Hollywood Reporter, "Negan is trying to break Daryl. Dwight's just the errand boy; it's Negan's view of torture."

The actor further explained, "Dwight has given up, and is constantly saying, 'Just say you're Negan. Just say it. I don't get it. Why are you doing this? Just say this!' But Daryl can't do it because of the same reason that Dwight did things that were shitty because he had something he was protecting. Daryl can't say, 'I'm Negan,' because he would be giving up what Glenn was to him and what he was to all of the group. Glenn was the heart of our group; he was the optimist and he believed in people. If Daryl was to say, 'I am Negan,' he would be disrespecting the memory of Glenn. And that's why Daryl can't do it."

Reedus confirmed that his character "full-heartedly blames himself" for Glenn's death, however he was trying to protect Rosita. Regarding the guilt that Daryl now has, the actor elaborated, "You see him doing stuff around the hallways, pushed by the head and shoved into the fence and you know that Daryl could take Dwight. But that's not what's going on. He's letting it all happen. He thinks he deserves to be there, and he thinks whatever the Saviors throw at him, he thinks he deserves it. He's not fighting back at all. He's lost the will to fight. That's why he won't say that he's Negan."

Daryl may not be fighting, but he's staying strong and will never give in and join Negan's ranks. The actor described it as, "You can't take a character like Daryl and just tame him and have him join your group. Especially if it's fear-based because Daryl doesn't do stuff because he's afraid. So, he's looking at all these people and thinking, 'This is your life. This is not my life. And I'm not joining the country club. It's not happening.'"

Reedus finished by saying, "His honor is based on these people that he loves and who have given him this self-respect that he never had before. He has the hope in his chest that he will see these people again, and he's holding onto the only thing he has. That wasn't a 'F— you, Negan. My name's Daryl.' It was more of a, 'This is the last thing I have, and you can't have it.' That's what this was. Daryl has one thing left and that's his honor, his word and his name and he's not giving it to Negan. Maybe six years ago he would have. But what Glenn means to him and what that group means to him, that's the only thing he has left; he's lost everybody but them. And you can't take that away from them. It's much better than 'F— you, Negan.'" We really hope that it won't be too long in the season before Daryl is reunited with his family in Alexandria. And speaking of Alexandria, Negan shows up there to collect his first payment in The Walking Dead Episode 4 trailer. What did you make of Daryl's actions in "The Cell"?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter