The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks Negan's fascination with Carl

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Carl's visit to the Sanctuary was a pivotal moment in the "little future serial killer"'s storyline and The Walking Dead viewers got a first look at Negan and Carl's budding relationship. Check out what Jeffrey Dean Morgan had to say about it below

The latest installment of The Walking Dead was a huge episode for Carl, with many of the scenes coming straight out of the comics. Carl is stowed away in a truck full of supplies from the Hilltop Community. Once the truck reaches the Sanctuary, Carl kills two of the Saviors unloading the truck and fully intends on killing Negan. Negan clearly appreciates how crazy this boy is to go into enemy territory like that. So the rest of the episode is spent with Negan showing Carl around the Sanctuary, which is a strategic way to show Carl how powerful he is. But he also seems to have taken a liking to Carl - or Carl's fearlessness at least. We know that in the comics Negan and Carl develop an interesting relationship with Negan taking Carl under his wing, so it was very interesting to see their first real interaction in Episode 7.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan addressed his character's interest in Carl. "I just think that if Negan were to have a kid, he would want him to be this kid. He respects this kid and maybe he sees a bit of himself in him. His initial read on Carl as a little future serial killer is not only a great line, but there’s something he sees in Carl. Carl never has backed away from Negan. His dad has been in tears and no one else will make eye contact, yet Carl never breaks eye contact with Negan during the lineup or anything else, anything we’ve shot. He’s always pissed and I think there’s just a lot of respect there that Negan has for this kid to grow up in this world as he has and survive as long as he had. Negan just simply respects him."

Negan has warmed up to Carl, but that didn't stop him from tormenting him - making Carl remove his eye patch and asking to touch the eye socket. Morgan explained, "Yeah, Negan prods him and prods him because that’s kind of what Negan’s MO is. He’s going to poke you until he gets the answers that he wants, and when he sees Carl break a little bit, I think Negan genuinely feels bad when he’s talking about his mom and how she died and that. I think Negan genuinely has sympathy for this kid and kind of wants to just put him under his wing. And as that episode goes on, you know how weird it gets — I mean, there’s some weird stuff that just goes on — but I think that Negan is being as genuine as Negan can be." The episode ended with Negan and Carl sitting on the front porch waiting for Rick to come home with Judith in Negan's lap. Check out The Walking Dead Episode 8 trailer for a sneak peek at what comes next in the mid-season finale. What do you make of Negan and Carl's relationship?

Source: Entertainment Weekly