The Walking Dead Season 7, a new photo of Ezekiel and Shiva welcomes us to the Kingdom

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AMC has released a new image from The Walking Dead Season 7 to build up hype for the premiere, and this one welcomes us to the Kingdom with a dramatic shot of Ezekiel and Shiva!

Dwight is going to have "a very big story" in The Walking Dead Season 7 as Negan and his group of Saviors are very much front and centre this year, but the Saviors aren't the only new community we'll be meeting. As well as exploring the relationship between Alexandria, Hilltop Colony and the Saviors, we'll also be taking our first steps into the Kingdom, a place that's ruled by a theatrical man called Ezekiel who has named himself King. The Kingdom sounds like a bizarre place, especially for those of us who aren't familiar with the comics, but it's going to add an interesting new dynamic to the series. Ahead of the Season 7 premiere, AMC has revealed a new image of Ezekiel and his pet Shiva on The Walking Dead Instagram account. Check it out below!

Welcome to the Kingdom. #TWD

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With that tiger at his side, we certainly wouldn't want to anger King Ezekiel! So how will we cross paths with Ezkiel and Shiva in Season 7? The Kingdom isn't a community that just springs up out of the blue; the two guards who discovered Carol and Morgan at the end of Season 6 actually belong to the Kingdom. We'll very much be discovering this weird and wonderful place through their eyes, and both Carol and Morgan are expected to have different reactions to it too. While it's anticipated that Carol will follow Michonne's arc from the comics, Lennie James has justified King Ezekiel's theatrics in The Walking Dead Season 7 and has said that Morgan understands what Ezekiel is trying to achieve. And importantly, the Kingdom might be the only community big enough to challenge Negan and save Alexandria. Are you excited to meet with Ezekiel and Shiva?

Source: Instagram: @amcthewalkingdead