The Walking Dead Season 7: Austin Amelio talks Dwight and Daryl's relationship

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Dwight was first introduced in Season 6 of The Walking Dead, but now that he's in charge of torturing Daryl he's a much bigger player on the show. Check out what actor Austin Amelio had to say about it below

Daryl was put through the wringer in The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3 as a prisoner in Negan's Sanctuary. Luckily for Daryl, Negan has taken a particular interest in him and is determined to convert him into one of his Saviors, which is probably the only reason why Daryl is still alive. Dwight has been tasked with torturing Daryl, and the two have a very interesting relationship. Dwight can wear Daryl's vest, ride his motorcycle and use his crossbow, but he will NEVER be Daryl. Dwight seems to know this though and we think that's the reason he's so intent on breaking Daryl and getting him to give in to Negan. If Daryl does it, then it will make it ok that Dwight did. However Norman Reedus dished on Daryl's heartbreaking scenes in "The Cell" and declared that Daryl will never give in to Negan. If he does, then Glenn's death will be meaningless and the only thing Daryl has left is his honor.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about what's going on between Daryl and Dwight, actor Austin Amelio explained, "There’s a lot of stuff at play here. For one, I’ve been commanded by Negan to torture this guy. Also, it’s not easy on me. It’s just as hard on both of us, because I think Dwight still has a little bit of humanity inside of him. So I’d like to get it over with and break this guy, and not have to go down there and see this guy crumble in a cell emotionally and physically. It’s not an easy thing to watch." It looked like Daryl was finally about to break at the end of Episode 3, but when Negan asked him who he was, Daryl stayed strong and replied with his own name instead of Negan's.

When Dwight put Daryl back in his cell Daryl explains that he understands why Dwight screwed him over back in Season 6, because he was looking out for someone else (Sherry), which is the same reason why Daryl will Never give in to Negan. Amelio elaborated, "It’s an extremely heavy moment, because Daryl has been around and he’s kind of been in some awkward situations with me and Sherry and, in a weird, twisted, dark way, it’s like we had a moment of connection right there, and we’re kind of getting where each other is coming from."

We think the relationship between Dwight and Negan is even more awkward. After Dwight first tried to run away but then returned, Dwight's wife became Negan's as punishment AND Negan burned half of Dwight's face to top it off. But now, Dwight has risen in the ranks to become one of Negan's top men. When it comes to Dwight's interactions with Negan, Amelio explained of his character, "I’ve got to swallow my pride. And the guy’s making a mockery of everything that I’ve been through, so it’s not fun having to sit there and not be able to say anything. It’s a weird relationship between me and him. It’s like a double-edged sword. He’s letting [me] be one of the top leaders and take whatever I want and make egg sandwiches, and on the other hand, he’s making me torture Daryl. So we have an interesting relationship to say the least, and one that I’m not very fond of, to be honest."

We haven't read The Walking Dead comics, so we have absolutely no idea what the future holds for Dwight. Although Amelio did say that when he landed the role, he had no idea how big of a character Dwight is in the comics. We're optimists, so we hope that Dwight will switch sides and help Daryl escape from the Sanctuary. Hey we can dream right? What do you make of Austin Amelio's character Dwight?

Source: Entertainment Weekly