The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 2 recap, fake it till you make it

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Following The Walking Dead's heart-wrenching Season 7 premiere, Episode 2 was much lighter and introduced viewers to Ezekiel and the Kingdom. Check out our recap of "The Well" below

We're still heartbroken from The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere and we don't even want talk about it, so if you missed it check out our Episode 1 ("The Day Will Come When You Won't Be") recap to catch up. Episode 2 picks up with Morgan and Carol's storyline following their meeting with two members of the Kingdom. Carol is in bad shape, so they put her on a wagon that's being pulled by a horse. But things go wrong and Carol becomes aware that they're surrounded by walkers, some of which are feasting on the horse that was pulling her.

Morgan and the two Kingdom guards fight off the walkers, while Carol limps off into the forest. She still quite hurt so we have no idea what she's thinking; she's also hallucinating and seeing the walkers as people instead of zombies. Suddenly a group on horseback come and kill all the undead that are making their way towards Carol, but Carol's in a daze and sees the horseback riders killing people instead. Carol wakes up two days later in the Kingdom after having her wounds treated.

The Walking Dead Episode 2 spoiler photos teased that viewers would finally meet King Ezekiel and Shiva, and they did not disappoint. Morgan takes Carol to see King Ezekiel, whose throne is in a school auditorium, and his pet tiger Shiva. Carol is immediately put off by Ezekiel's manner of speaking (read Game of Thrones style), but Ezekiel is kind and gracious and welcomes Carol to his community. Carol is clearly skeptical, but she puts on her Suzy Homemaker act thanking Ezekiel and calling the Kingdom "amazing." As soon as Carol and Morgan are alone, Carol expresses her true feelings calling the Kingdom make-believe, and she declares that as soon as she's healed enough she's leaving this place.

Morgan goes out on a secret mission with Ezekiel and a few other guards to hunt down wild pigs that have been feasting on walkers. Morgan ends up saving a young man named Ben's life. Ezekiel asks Morgan to train Ben to fight with a staff since Ben hasn't taken to using blades nor guns very well. Morgan gets called upon to attend another secret meeting in which Ezekiel gives the pigs, that have been killed and skinned, as payment to the Saviors. Now it makes perfect sense why the Kingdom guards wanted to pigs' bellies to be filled with rotten walker bodies. During the payment Ezekiel's right-hand man Richard gets in a fight with one of the Saviors. Later on Ben tells Morgan that Ezekiel is keeping the deal with the Saviors a secret because he thinks the people of the Kingdom want to fight them, which they would surely lose. Meanwhile Carol continues her "amazed" act while interacting with the people as she goes around the community stealing weapons and clothes.

Ezekiel catches Carol as she's trying sneak out of the Kingdom at night. Now that he's caught on to her sweet and innocent act, Carol speaks candidly with Ezekiel, saying that he's selling the people a fairy tale and it's not real. But Ezekiel maintains that perhaps a fairy tale is exactly what they need. He goes on to say that people need a leader and someone to follow. He was just a simple zoo-keeper, but since he had a tiger people started treating him like royalty and he played the part and faked it till he made it to where he is now.

Ezekiel goes on to tell the story of how he saved Shiva's life and she's been loyal to him ever since. But Carol doesn't care about any of it, she just wants to leave and be on her own. The following day Carol leaves the Kingdom, and Morgan escorts her to a house they passed by before. Once on her own, Carol settles into her new home, but she soon hears a knock on the door. Carol opens the door to find Ezekiel and Shiva on her front porch. Ezekiel offers her a pomegranate, which Carol declined the first time they met. Do you think there's a romance in the cards for Carol and Ezekiel?

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