The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 2 sneak peek sees Negan coming back for more

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The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere left us in a state of shock and despair, but it's time to buckle up, as the promo for Episode 2 sees Negan coming back for more...

The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 1 saw the dawning of a new era, and in no time at all we are back in the swing of the new season. Moments after the premiere episode aired, a sneak peek for Episode 2 "The Well" was released, and things aren't looking up for the survivors. According to The Independent, the clip was accidentally released by Fox but luckily, not too many details were given away, it's only a promo after all.

The clip opens as Negan is knocking on the gates of Alexandria, and we see each of the survivors look nervously around them as they prepare to give their first load of supplies to the Saviors and damn, the future looks bleak. We then see Negan's weapon Lucille laying on a bench behind Rick, why exactly he has it we're not sure, but he addresses the survivors in the church by confirming, "Let me put this to all of you, as clearly as I can. I'm not in charge you anymore. Negan is." Got that?

The clip then continues as we see more inside shots of the Sanctuary, which we've seen before in previous promo material for The Walking Dead Season 7, but things seem all the more hopeless now that what was looming in their future is now their present. Dwight is the next pinnacle character we see, as he pushes Daryl up against the fences separating them and a group of walkers. It was recently revealed that Dwight will have a very big story in Season 7, and it seems that his main role over the next few episodes will be introducing Daryl to the Saviors' way of life in the Sanctuary.

However, we may have a ray of hope, when we see our first glimpse of King Ezekiel, leader of the Kingdom. We have yet to be formally introduced to this wise man, so far we've only seen Morgan come face-to-face with one of his soldiers, but Michonne doesn't appear to be too keen on him. In a stressful string of shots, Jesus is seen leaping into a truck, Simon seems to be a bit stressed, Edith is looking worried, Morgan is pissed and basically, it's all about to go off. What do you think Episode 2's biggest moment will be?

Source: The Independent