The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3 promo gives a first look at the Sanctuary

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Witness the aftermath of The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere as we find out what happens to Daryl once he reaches the Sanctuary. Check out the promo Episode 3 ("The Cell") below!

After The Walking Dead's unsettling premiere, Episode 2 was a more lighthearted affair as we took our first steps into the Kingdom. There's a huge cast on The Walking Dead now, and each episode so far seems to alternate between the various communities. The Season 7 premiere focused on the altercation between the Saviors and Alexandrians, Episode 2 focused on Morgan and Carol in the Kingdom, and before we return to Alexandria in Episode 4, Episode 3 will revolve around the lives of the Saviors in the Sanctuary. Check out the promo trailer for The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3 below! The synopsis for the episode, titled "The Cell", reads: "A new group of survivors seem to have it all in their impressive community; however, there is a price."

Steven Yeun has said The Walking Dead fans should not blame Daryl for Glenn's death, but it's clear from the trailer that Daryl is blaming himself. And to be fair, it is his fault. Negan was very clear about what he would do if people defied him, and Daryl assaulted Negan knowing that it would likely result in someone's death. Given that Rick's group killed a hundred of Negan's Saviors, they should be thankful that Negan only killed two of them. We get our first look at the Sanctuary in the Episode 3 trailer, and while we'll be seeing a lot of Daryl, interestingly the promo focuses more on Dwight. Negan's lieutenant has a huge storyline in the comics, and we're curious as to how much the TV show will follow that. In related news, check out our recap of The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 2. What are your expectations for Episode 3?

Source: AMC, YouTube: @Television Promos