The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3 recap, who are you?

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The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3 shows how Daryl is doing in the Sanctuary with Dwight as his keeper, and it doesn't bode well for him. Check out our recap of "The Cell" below

The previous installment of The Walking Dead introduced fans to King Ezekiel and the Kingdom. Here's our TWD Season 7: Episode 2 recap if you missed it. Now switching gears, Episode 3 gives us a peek at the Sanctuary. "The Cell" starts out showing a day in the life of Dwight and we must say it's pretty sweet. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Daryl, who's locked up in a cell in the Sanctuary. He's naked and cold in the dark and malnourished as he ravenously eats a dog food sandwich. Finally one day, Dwight gives Daryl a jumpsuit to wear and takes him to the doctor. Dwight runs into his former wife Sherry and sees that she's taken a pregnancy test. Sherry tells Dwight that the test was negative, before recognizing Daryl. Dwight then takes Daryl outside to show him a yard with walkers tied up. He tells Daryl that he can either be like them, the walkers, or like Dwight himself - it's up to Daryl.

Dwight tells Negan about the progress he's made with Daryl, saying that Daryl is close to breaking and Negan makes a joke about letting Dwight have some sexy time with his ex-wife as a reward. However Sherry is now Negan's and it wasn't a serious offer. It's clear that Dwight has risen up in the ranks of the Sanctuary since Negan burned half of his face. Dwight offers to track down someone who ran away from the Sanctuary and bring them back. On his way there Dwight gets into a sticky situation with a few walkers, but manages to get out of it alive. However he's hurt and the motorcycle is broken. Dwight finds the runaway and puts a gun to his head forcing him to go back with him, but the man has had enough of Negan and the Sanctuary and is ready to die. He actually begs Dwight to kill him. Dwight knows he can't go back without this man and threatens to harm others to finally convince him to return to the Sanctuary. Surprisingly though, Dwight gives the man his wish and kills him, only for him to end up on the fence at the Sanctuary as a walker.

Daryl finally catches a break when Dwight goes on the mission, and the guy who feeds Daryl his daily sandwich forgets to lock the door to Daryl's cell. Daryl sneaks out into the hallway, but Sherry finds him and warns Daryl to go back, since he won't succeed in getting away and then things will get even worse. She knows this first hand after she and Dwight tried to run away. But Daryl doesn't heed her warning. Daryl runs outside and tries to steal a motorcycle, but soon finds himself surrounded by Saviors. It turns out that this was a test to see how Daryl would act. Negan arrives on the scene and tells Daryl that he has three choices: to be a dead man out in the yard, the second choice will make him wish he was dead, or he could work for Negan and live like a king. Negan then acts like he's going to hit Daryl with Lucille, but he doesn't, and he's impressed that Daryl didn't even flinch. Negan lets Daryl live, but the Saviors take turns hitting Daryl.

Once it looks like Daryl has finally broke, Dwight takes him to see Negan. Negan recounts his rocky history with Dwight and how he took Dwight's wife as punishment for them trying to run away. The point of the story is to show how far Dwight has come and Negan thinks that Daryl could do the same. So Negan asks Daryl, "Who are you?" The answer of a loyal Savior would be, "Negan," but Daryl replies with his own name, which Negan does not like. Dwight puts Daryl back into his cell and is clearly frustrated that there hasn't been as much progress as he thought. Daryl explains that he understands why Dwight returned to the Sanctuary, because he was looking out for someone else, which is the same reason why Daryl will never bow down to Negan. Daryl actor Norman Reedus has dished on the fallout from Daryl's actions in the Season 7 premiere, and now we're just wondering how long Daryl will have to pay for it. Do you think Daryl will ever be reunited with his friends and family at Alexandria?

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