The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4 trailer, Negan comes to Alexandria

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The next episode of The Walking Dead catches up with Rick and the gang in Alexandria, as they get a very unwelcome visitor in the Episode 4 trailer. Check out the promo for "Service" below

It's been a while since we've seen Alexandria, but we'll return to the town in The Walking Dead Episode 4 for an 85-minute outing that's sure to contain a lot of drama and action. The last time we were in the Safe Zone was during the Season 6 finale, before everything went to hell for Rick and co. The Season 7 premiere picked up from where the finale left off with the Alexandrians coming face to face with Negan, who brutally murdered Abraham and then Glenn.

Episode 2 introduced viewers to Ezekiel and the Kingdom, while the latest installment gave us a peek inside of the Sanctuary and how prisoner Daryl's doing - it's not good. Check out our recap of The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3 if you missed it. Now that we've caught up with Daryl, Carol and Morgan, we're just dying to see the aftermath of Rick and co.'s interaction with Negan. The time has come for Negan to take what's his from the Alexandrians, aka half their stuff, and waiting to see Rick and Negan's second meeting has us super anxious!

The trailer for The Walking Dead Episode 4, titled "Service", begins with Negan knocking on the gates of Alexandria. He calls out, "Little pig, little pig, let me in!" while Rick, Eugene, Rosita and Spencer look absolutely horrified. A big group of Saviors are then seen entering Alexandria, and for some unknown reason Lucille is sitting on a table in the Safe Zone while someone (probably Rick) stands looking at it with their hands shaking. Rick voice can be heard telling the others, "Let me put this to you as clearly as I can, there is no way out of this. I'm not in charge anymore, Negan is."

Rick's face in the final still of the promo shows that Negan has truly broken Rick, but we're hoping there's still a bit of strength in him somewhere to find a way to fight back. There's also something going on with Michonne in this episode. She is shown up on a lookout point with a rifle in her hand. She seems really conflicted and we'd guess that she's fighting off the urge to shoot Negan, knowing that it won't pan out well for the Alexandrians if she does. Are you excited to return to Alexandria in Episode 4?

Source: YouTube: @We Got This Covered