The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 6 clip welcomes back Tara and Heath

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The next episode of The Walking Dead will see the return of two familiar faces: Tara and Heath! Check out what they're up to in the Episode 6 sneak peek below

We are digging all the different storylines going on in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. The premiere picked up from where Season 6 ended and revealed Negan's victims. The second episode introduced us to King Ezekiel, Shiva and the Kingdom. The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3 caught up with poor Daryl, who is now a prisoner of Negan's, and Episode 4 took us back to Alexandria where Negan showed up to collect 'half' of everything. The latest episode was centered around what's going on at the Hilltop Colony, and now we get to catch up with Tara and Heath (it's been ages!). The two went off in search of supplies back in Season 6 and haven't been seen since. We're happy to see that they aren't dead and will return to the action in Episode 6. Check out the clip from Sunday's "Swear" below.

In the video Tara and Heath are hanging out in an RV eating some snacks, but life isn't all hunky-dory for them. Heath is discouraged because there seems to be absolutely nothing left to scavenge. They went further than they meant to with no luck in finding anything, and Heath declares that they don't even have enough gas to keep looking even if they wanted to - which he clearly does not. Tara on the other hand is a bit more optimistic, saying that as long as the Hilltop Colony keeps their side of the bargain, they have food at home. But they need amo and medicine and they can't go back empty handed, when everyone back in Alexandrian is counting on them. Little do they know that Negan now owns Alexandria and has taken all the weapons and probably most of the medicine too. However Heath is still hung up on all the Saviors that they killed at the satellite station. We bet he wouldn't feel that way if he knew what happened to Glenn and Abraham. Do you think Tara and Heath will be reunited with the rest of the Alexandrians in Episode 6?

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