The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 9 sneak peek, it's time to meet Ezekiel

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Now that Rick and co. have decided to rise up against Negan, they need a bit more manpower. Enter the Kingdom. Check out The Walking Dead Episode 9 sneak peek below

Rick and the rest of the survivors have been somewhat split up throughout The Walking Dead Season 7, but this has given us a peek into new communities like the Kingdom and even Negan's Sanctuary. Things came to a head when Rick risked his life to get supplies for Negan, only to return to Alexandria to find Negan and the Saviors tormenting his family and friends.

Spencer and Olivia ended up dead and Negan took Eugene to be his new bullet-maker. But something good came out of this incident, as Rick finally realized that this is no way to live, and Negan will continue to take and take and take until they have nothing left. Andrew Lincoln has spoken about Rick's breakthrough in the mid-season finale, and we are so happy to see a fire lit under Rick's ass once again. The episode ended with Rick and co. heading to the Hilltop to team up and reuniting with Daryl, who escaped from the Sanctuary. A new sneak peek picks up with the group at the Hilltop, check it out below.

The Episode 9 clip begins with Rick and the gang leaving the Hilltop Community. Daryl suggests that if they find the right stuff it won't matter that they're out numbered because they can blow the Saviors up. Tara reminds Daryl that there aren't just soldiers at the Sanctuary, there are workers there too - innocent people who don't deserve to die. But Daryl's a changed man since escaping from there, and it sounds like he's willing to do whatever it takes to take the Saviors down once and for all.

Rick declares that they need more hands; another group to work with. He also brings up the fact that Negan has outposts and the geography works against them. Rick is eager to get back to Alexandria in case the Saviors come looking for Daryl. Jesus reveals that they don't need to leave just yet. He then pulls out a walkie talkie and explains that it's one of the Saviors and they can listen in on their conversations and keep track of them. Jesus adds, "I think it's time we introduce you to Ezekiel. King Ezekiel." Oooh goody goody gum drops! We cannot wait to see the survivors meet Ezekiel, as teased in The Walking Dead mid-season premiere trailer. Are you excited for the Alexandrians to go to the Kingdom?

Source: YouTube: @Carlost