The Walking Dead Season 7, everything we learned from the 'Right Hand Man' sneak peek

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The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres this month, and after AMC released the heart-stopping sneak peek of the aftermath of Negan's killing, we are here to dissect just exactly what went down in the unnerving clip.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is going to be utterly gut-wrenching, and AMC isn't letting us forget it, as they released a sneak peek that teases no mercy for the survivors who weren't chosen as Negan and Lucille's first victim. While we got over the initial shock of seeing a ground covered in brains and blood, we set about dissecting the clip for any hidden messages that will aid in the preparation for the premiere on October 23. Firstly, the dialogue. Although The Walking Dead is no stranger to straying from Robert Kirkman's original comic book plot, the script was entirely verbatim to the comic book scene of Negan's first introduction. This leads us to believe that Negan's kill will mirror that which is in the comic books. Goodbye Glenn. Secondly, looking at the splatter of blood on the right side of Rick's face, we can assume that Negan's victim isn't Aaron, Sasha, Eugene or Carl who are to his left.

A recently released promo for The Walking Dead Season 7 teases the end for Maggie, but we're not convinced. However, some eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out something that looks like her engagement ring in the pile of brains and blood, leading them to think that she will be the one to bite the dust. Although, looking at the fact that Maggie's sitting next to Rick and he only has a small splash of blood on his face, he would certainly have a lot more if she were claimed as Negan's victim.

Then there's Daryl. Next to the pile of blood on the floor, is the piece of material that was placed around his neck in the Season 6 finale. However, judging by the promos we've seen of Season 7 so far, Daryl will be left in Dwight's custody to torture as he sees fit. Also, as the clip is called 'Right Hand Man', it seems that Negan will rid Rick of both of those closest to him. One being Daryl, the second being Glenn, who have become like brothers to him. For all the latest news and updates on The Walking Dead, click the green subscribe button below. What do you think will be the biggest moments from the premiere episode?

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