The Walking Dead Season 7: Greg Nicotero explains Ezekiel showing up on Carol's doorstep

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The Walking Dead Season 7's second episode saw the beginning of a blossoming relationship between Carol and Ezekiel, but what did the king's arrival on Carol's doorstep mean?

The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 3 promo teases our first look at Negan's Sanctuary, but before we go forth to that grisly place, let's step back a little bit and put our minds back to the Kingdom. The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 2 chronicled Carol's first experience with the Kingdom, and while she was cynical at first, but by the end of the episode she had a certain amount of respect for its leader, King Ezekiel. Some have speculated romance could be on the cards for the pair, and when Ezekiel showed up on Carol's porch at the end of the episode, it only added fuel to the fire. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Greg Nicotero has revealed what that scene means. To the dismay of Carzekiel shippers, the King showing up at Carol's doorstep was not a romantic gesture!

Nicotero explained, "The fact that Ezekiel shows up at the end, to me, it’s just a sort of a peace offering. She hears the roar of the tiger at the door and opens it and he’s got the pomegranates there. I think it’s Ezekiel’s way of saying, 'Listen, you need to choose life because there’s no reason to go on living if you’re not gonna embrace humanity.'" Carol and Ezekiel have an intriguing relationship, and we can't wait to see how it develops. While Carol may not be ready to kill for now, we've got a feeling that she will be soon. With Negan demanding tribute from the Kingdom, it's only a matter of time before a conflict arises between the two communities, and when one does, Carol's going to be right next to Ezekiel and Shiva. What do you think of Carol and Ezekiel's relationship?

Source: Entertainment Weekly