The Walking Dead Season 7's Norman Reedus safe and sound in on-set photo?

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The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus has sparked speculation regarding his character's fate after posting a recent on-set photo to his Instagram account. But is it all just a big misunderstanding?

We're not even going to lie, we're now beyond desperate when it comes to spoilers regarding what's in store when Season 7 of The Walking Dead premieres this fall. The show wrapped up for the summer back in April with controversial cliffhanger episode "Last Day On Earth", and ever since, cast and crew have been moving heaven and earth in a bid to make sure that not a single spoiler escapes the series' airtight set. Despite their best efforts, however, it was reported earlier this week that a possible synopsis and air date for Season 7: Episode 1 had appeared online, with AMC remaining tight-lipped on whether we can expect the show to return to screens October 9, 2016. So far, so nothing from the network's official channels, then, but that didn't stop some eagle-eyed fans from jumping on a recent photo posted by actor Norman Reedus to his Instagram account.


Une photo publiée par norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) le

The above snap, taken on-set, shows Reedus with co-star Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) in front of a grave dug inside what looks like the Safe Zone. While many fans are wondering whether the photo hints at the aftermath of the Season 7 premiere, in which at least one - if not more - characters are set to die at Negan's hands, others have noted that the pair are sporting the outfits seen in Season 6: Episode 14, "Twice as Far", in which Dr. Denise Cloyd was shot in the head with an arrow launched by Savior Dwight before being buried within Alexandria's walls. However, even if Reedus' photo dates from when the cast were filming Season 6, it's still an interesting choice of image. Is it too far to reach to assume that Denise's grave foreshadows the eventual burial place of the character who falls victim to Negan when the show returns - and thus that Daryl and Carol, at least, are safe? Let us know what you think of the theory and whether you're excited for The Walking Dead to return.

Source: Instagram: @bigbaldhead