The Walking Dead Season 7, the episode breakdown you know you want to know!

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The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere has more speculation surrounding it than any of its predecessors. Read on to discover what awaits the survivors in an episode breakdown, but be aware that there are nothing but SPOILERS from here on out.

Now we know what you're thinking: Why, when you spend your time swatting away spoilers each week, would we then offer a whole heap of them up on a plate for you to be tempted by? Because The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 1 will change the course of the series as we know it, and thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans, we can now prepare ourselves for what's to come. These spoilers are by no means confirmed, but if you really can't wait to find out what the first half of Season 7 has in store for your favourite characters, please continue. Episode 1 will open exactly where we left off, as the survivors wait for Negan to crush one of their skulls with Lucille. According to the fan site, both Glenn and Abraham will bite the dust. Daryl will then be taken captive by the Saviors, Negan will force Rick to go on a trip with him in the RV, and there is a rumoured dream sequence involving the entirety of the survivors.

In a teaser for The Walking Dead Season 7 we saw Dwight not only riding Daryl's motorbike, but also wearing his leather jacket. Rumours that Daryl will be taken prisoner by the Saviors lead us to believe that Daryl will be put under a fair bit of torture by Dwight. Episode 2 will take place primarily within Negan's Sanctuary, but there also seems to be a car chase in the mix, but who exactly will be driving away from the Saviors is yet to be seen. Episode 3 will finally introduce Morgan and Carol to Ezekiel's Kingdom. This community is our glimmer of hope this season, and we cannot wait to see Ezekiel's pet tiger, Shiva, in action. However, along the way, Carol seems to separate herself from Morgan and wind up at an abandoned house. Surely you'd think she'd know by now not to go running off!

In The Walking Dead Season 7: Episode 4 we check back with the survivors at Alexandria, just as Negan and his crew roll up to collect their first share of supplies. Andrew Lincoln reportedly teased in an recent interview that this upcoming season will see Rick as a broken man, and this is made all the more clear as Negan apparently asks Rick to hold Lucille, the very weapon he used to kill one of our favourite characters, while taking half of their supplies. Michonne apparently leaves the group to go on an unknown mission. Episode 5 sees Carl and Enid make the trip to the Hilltop, where we will be reunited with Jesus. This is some big news: Maggie is seen leaving the Hilltop with Sasha, could they have split up from the group in light of Glenn and Abraham's death?

Episode 6 will reportedly be a bottle episode, focusing on how Tara and Heath's supply run, which they started early on in Season 6, went down and it seems like they ran into trouble and got separated. During her time alone, Tara reportedly runs into a group of women and children, two of whom will be Naomi and Jennie. They eventually make it back to the survivors in Alexandria, but without Heath in tow. However, this doesn't mean that he's lost forever. Episode 7 will apparently see Negan begin to take Carl under his wing. During a supply run, Carl sneaks away from Rick, and heads towards the Sanctuary. Rick is able to bring Carl back to safety, and there were even sightings to suggest that Negan will have his first introduction to Judith.

The Walking Season 7: Episode 8, which is the mid-season finale, will involve Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Sanctuary, and end with fans having to say goodbye to even more survivors. A conflict between the communities will reportedly see Spencer suffer the gruesome death he was given in the comics (guts, everywhere), there is also evidence to suggest that Olivia will need a burial by the end of the episode. Michonne will return with a new arrival, some survivors will try to flee to safety, and it seems as though this will be the moment where Daryl escapes captivity from the Saviors with the help of Jesus, and will be reunited with the survivors at Hilltop. Yikes. What do you make of these reports?

Source: The Spoling Dead Fans