The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan teases that Maggie will fulfill her comic book destiny

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Negan's brutal murder of [SPOILER] in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere ignites a spark in Maggie, and one that could see her fulfill her comic book destiny.

This season is a big season for Maggie. Not only did she lose her husband Glenn in that graphic Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, but if the TV show sticks to the comics, then Maggie's got a big storyline coming up. Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't read the comics! Still here? Good. In the comic books, Maggie Greene moves to the Hilltop Colony following Glenn's death and eventually becomes their leader, and while Lauren Cohan hasn't outright confirmed that this is what happens on the TV show, speaking to Entertainment Weekly she teased an interesting journey for Maggie. The actress shared, "It’s a really interesting spiritual journey that she goes on. Sasha and her are gonna be incredibly tight and they really need each other, and they really lean on each other. Within all the drive and the violence that the group has to perform and to undergo, there is going to be honor to our fallen."

So what is it that drives Maggie as a leader? In one word, vengeance. Cohan explained, "But what Negan’s actions do to Maggie is light this crazy fuse. And we’ll see that burn pretty strong. I think it’s very Glenn that she gets up and insists on taking his body and she wants to protect him and give him a funeral that he deserves and that overcomes all the inhibition. And so Negan gives Maggie vengeance, and I don’t think that she’s a vengeful person, but It’s going to be a really interesting push and pull this season. You’ll see how she lives on in honor of Glenn and in vengeance of Negan, and it’s a real war in her brain, and in protection of the baby. I really liked the fact that Glenn says, 'I’ll find you,' because she takes him with her. It’s difficult to even encapsulate the grief like that." In related news, The Walking Dead Season 7 cast knew Abraham would die all along. Are you excited for Maggie's storyline this season?

Source: Entertainment Weekly