The Weeknd saves the girl in first person shooter video for False Alarm

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In the lead up to his new album, titled Starboy, The Weeknd releases a new, bloody music video for his song False Alarm. Check it out here...

The Weeknd is back. The release of his first music video, Starboy featuring Daft Punk, taken from the album with the same name, saw the singer turn to the Dark Side. We can't get enough of his new identity, as his latest single sees him caught up in a world of money-grabbing thieves, when all he wants is the girl. The video, directed by Ilya Naishuller, starts with a parental advisory warning for graphic content, and they weren't messing about, as it plays out like a first-person shooter as the robber takes part in a very bloody, and very violent bank robbery gong awry. We arrive at the moment when the police arrive on the scene, but the tension doesn't stop, as the robber and his gang kill half of their hostages and take off with a girl they've handcuffed and chucked into their van.

A high speed chase ensues, and as they jump from one getaway van to another for safety, the leader of the gang is livid that the robber has chosen to save the girl instead of the money. A fight then breaks out and the girl kills his accomplice, moments before they crash. As he comes to, he hands the girl keys for her handcuffs, and just as it looks like she's about to save him, she takes the bag of money lying next to him and she leaves. The robber picks up a gun, looks in the mirror only to reveal that he was The Weeknd the whole time, and then shoots himself in the head. This isn't the first time we've seen the signer get caught up on the wrong side of tracks, as he also broke bad in the video for Future's Low Life music video. The Weeknd premiered False Alarm on Saturday Night Live, in the lead up to his album Starboy which will be released on November 25. What did you make of The Weeknd's new video?

Source: YouTube: @TheWeekndVEVO