The Weeknd: The Hills gets an Eminem-style makeover in Brazil!

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Eminem was over the hill and far away on a recent Lollapalooza stop in Brazil, where he rocked out The Weeknd's smash hit "The Hills"

Detroit is just across the river from the Canadian border, which is why a certain native son of Michigan may have been feeling the vibes from the better side of the 49th. As part of his ongoing Lollapalooza tour, Eminem blew away crowds in São Paulo, Brazil with a rendition of The Weeknd's The Hills, filling the spots between the chorus with his own ardent flow. That makes two borders the Canadian singer has taken over as of late after The Weeknd smashed the Brit Awards with his own muted rendition of The Hills last month. Grab a front row seat as Marshal Mathers meets Abel Tesfaye, aka Canada's The Weeknd.

Indeed, cover versions of The Weeknd aren't the only thing turning heads south of the border. Tesfaye himself was present at a recent gala ahead of the White House state dinner where the Canadian singer revealed Prime Minister Trudeau is "unbelievable." As for Eminem, he transported the red and white flame along other Lollapalooza stops as the carney fest extravaganza made subsequent touch downs in Buenos Aires and Santiago last week. Keep your eyes locked to this space for more on the best and brightest from the Great White North! What's your favourite The Weeknd cover?

Source: YouTube: @basenkoi