UnREAL Season 2 star Meagan Tandy dishes on her character Chantal in a exclusive interview

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Meagan Tandy currently stars as Chantal in the sophomore season of Lifetime's hit series UnREAL, and we got the chance to learn a bit more about the actress and what's in store for her character.

UnREAL has ventured where The Bachelor has yet to go, in having the first black suitor on Everlasting. We knew it would be tough to top the insane first season of UnREAL, but Season 2 has introduced fans to a host of new characters who are in grave danger of the black hole of despair that is Everlasting. Actress Meagan Tandy plays Chantal, who has managed to mostly stay out of the drama this season (give or take a concussion). Chantal is a debutante and former pageant queen, whose fiancé recently died in a car accident with Chantal at the wheel. So Chantal went on Everlasting looking to find love again. We got the opportunity to speak to Meagan, who was a huge fan of UnREAL before joining the Season 2 cast. She previously auditioned for two other parts before landing the role of Chantal. Third time's a charm!

When asked which bachelor she prefers, Darius or Season 1 suitor Adam, Tandy "100% prefers Darius." The actress explained: "Darius seems to have a genuine interest in just cleaning up his image and wanting to go about it in a sincere honest way. Adam, although incredibly handsome and extremely successful, I wasn't in favor of all of his tactics last season. Some of his moves didn't make me 'love' the guy." Chantal is one of the three remaining contestants on Everlasting and the latest episode, "Fugitive," saw Chantal win a one-on-one date with Darius, only for Darius to choose Tiffany instead. Chantal's last date with Darius didn't go so well either; Darius only picked Chantal because Adam advised him that it will help clean up his tarnished image. However the date went terribly wrong when Chantal threw her dead fiancé's ashes into the water and they ended up all over Darius.

The only similarity that Tandy has in common with her character is that they're both former pageant queens. The actress would never go on a dating show to find love. "You would definitely not find me on a reality dating show. It's not my style. Especially after working on a show like UnReal and seeing how powerful manipulation and lies can take certain people, it's not something I would want to be exposed to." So far Chantal's been playing it cool, but hasn't taken her eye off the prize: Darius. Tandy said: "Chantal definitely keeps to herself and is focused on being with Darius, which is her only goal. While other contestants seem to have motives, Chantal is genuinely there because she sees something with Darius. Viewers can expect that Chantal might have to step out of her southern debutante proper ways in order to get Darius' attention in a coming episode!" With only two episodes left in Season 2, we're extremely anxious to see what's in store for Chantal. Do you hope to see Meagan Tandy's character, Chantal, win Darius' heart?

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